Instant feedback on humanities essays based on the official exam board mark schemes for GCSE & A-levels

Tilf helps you with all your essay & written homework. It is your best study buddy, but smarter.

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Instant feedback

Tilf's got your back with instant feedback. Perfect for when you're cramming for exams or drowning in written homework.

Handwritten transcripts

Tilf vibes with your scribbles. You can get feedback for your handwritten work too. Just snap & upload, we’ll do the rest.

Exam board mark schemes

Tilf knows the top exam boards' secrets, making sure your feedback is totally on point with what you're learning at school.

What they are saying

I tested with Literature AQA. The advice it gives is better than that given by the senior examiner. More precise and easier to understand.

Dominic Salles - @MrSallesTeachesEnglish

"Tilf is the PERFECT study tool for essay-based humanities subjects. My movitation to revise has shot up, now that I can write an essay, receive top quality exam-board specific feedback and immediately improve on it - taking a B-grade-essay to an A* 📈!"

Lilly, U6 - Economics, English literature, Politics

Getting started with Tilf is easy:

1. Snap or type your work

The preliminary work is easy! Simply copy-paste your typed masterpiece or snap a pic of your handwritten notes and upload.

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2. Define the assignment

To keep the momentum going just type in the question you have to answer and select the mark scheme it corresponds to.

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3. Review your feedback & practise more

Et voilà! Review what Tilf has to say about your performance, tweak your work, and send it back for another round. Keep at it until your work isn't just good, it's gold-star, top-of-the-class perfect.

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